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40 Years Experience, From the UK, TV Psychic, Stage and Public Personality, Teacher, Key Note Speaker

Christine's Mission Statement

Christine says " I know I have been on stage in front of thousands of people doing 2 hour shows, I know I have had a TV show been interviewed on the news and on the  radio and traveled across Canda,  I also know all walks of life need my help so I keep my prices reasonable I also record the session to a CD so my clients know every word I have said no hidden costs taxes included transparency and being authentic  is very important to me,   I want to be reachable to help heal and help people move  forward in life,  

Christine does not require payment ahead of time,  she also does not need you to book 6 months ahead. This is Christine's life's work. Christine is one person and her work revealed itself before she was 13 over 50 years ago. Please do scroll down for information about readings Thank you 

Live on TV Psychic explains

Edmontons Top Psychic Clairvoyant Medium

Its about my connection with my abilities..

1 hour reading,  $120.00 including CD of the session and all taxes  TV and stage proved. 

Christine has been in Calgary 27 years and recorded every session for your benefit

Please remember Christine was the host of her own TV show, also a TV personality and given demonstrations across North America and the UK

PSYCHIC ON CFCN NEWS Christine is known on, CTV News, CNN News, Radio Shows, Host of her Own TV show, Breakfast Shows. Women's Shows In Abbortsford, Edmonton and Muncton Vancouver, On Stage, in Regina twice daily, every day in Toronto, naming just a few.

Booking a reading with Christine is easy, text, call, email Christine knows you need to talk to her and she makes herself available to bring stability peace and joy into your world.  

Christine has 40 years work experience and thousands of readings. Psychic Christine is not visiting with you, she is helping you, allow her to do so. You don't need to pour your heart out, why should you, it's Christine's job to prove she is real. You don't have to call her to find out her costs, nothing is hidden

 Christine knows you are in pain or confusion, she knows your need, your joy is her concern.  Trust her to help you.  Psychic Christine also knows her clients have been directed to her from the universal energy we all belong to, so allow her to help you, she awaits your call with love and empathy.

 To be efficient contact Christine with the day and time that works for you.  The longer you leave it the longer the wait. TEXT her.  Remember she could be on the phone talking to a client so leave your contact number or text her. 403-370-4334

When looking for someone to help you the first question to ask is "HOW DO YOU DO THE READING".  Cards can not help with emotional issues, do you think cards can help in the direction in your work? What help do you need? ???


The Flamboyant Clarivoyant.

Live on TV

One of Many Radio Shows

Chrisitne is available to do presentations, public demonstrations, workshops.

APRIL 20th 2017


From: vanessa PRIVATE
Sent:April-20-17 11:00:44 AM
Thank you for the reading today, I feel really good about it. I will contact Correen and deal with all those emotions I have. Thank you again.


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