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35 Years Experience, Natural Born Empath, Teacher, TV Host, Key Note Speaker


 Christine: Clairvoyant Psychic Medium and Public Demonstrator.

Christine offers a unique, honest and thought-provoking approach to the world of psychic phenomena. As a clairvoyant spiritual psychic medium, author and lecturer, she has, since the age of 11, helped over 33,000 people with her uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate advice from those who have passed over to the Higher Side of Life. Christine's divine gift is readily apparent to those who have been exposed to her psychic expertise.

Christine: Clairvoyant Psychic Medium and Public Demonstrator.

 Get a sense of relief from finding answers to burning questions 

 Many of us having something weighing on your heart or bouncing around your mind. Many of you have lost a loved one.  Or have questions about love, work, life... Maybe, seeing a psychic medium is something that’s always interested you, but you have been afraid to book an appointment.

 A  reading with Christine will get you the clarity you seek the and point you in the direction you so desperately need. Christine will provide you with verifiable information from the other side (spirit world), as well as information you aren't aware of.  Christine gives you the reading, then you get to ask questions “only after Christine is done”. After all Christine has to prove herself.. Christine receives her messages directly from loved ones who have passed over.  She does not use cards, runes or any other tool, her gift is divine.

 Christine  is both a psychic and a medium. So, what’s the difference?

 A medium serves as the middle person, the line to channel communication for the other side. Messages are from your loved ones, relatives and friends.  They can provide information you weren’t even aware of, all to help you on your journey. They do this because your joy is all they require, sending up positive vibrations in life has a positive effect on the universe.

 A psychic does not get their information and messages from those on the other side. Rather, they are able to intuitively get signs and symbols and messages they need to interpret to bring you the message you’re meant to hear. You will find that information on my Q & A page 

All mediums are psychic, psychics are mediums.

 Many people have both abilities - calling themselves psychic mediums. That’s exactly what Christine  is, preferring to call her self a Medium.


But it doesn't stop there…Christine  uses a variety of gifts to give you what you are seeking.

  • clairvoyance (clear seeing) I see pictures in my head.
  • clairaudience (clear hearing) I hear voices in my head
  • claircogniance (clear knowing) I just know things
  • clairalience (clear smelling) I smell my Dad's tobacco and other things..
  • cairgustance (clear tasting)  I can taste the food that was cooked
  • clairempathy (clearly and directly experiences peoples and spirits emotions, (they make me feel the emotion you are feeling)

Christine uses no tools within her readings, only deep guidance from the other side.

 Christine is determined to show the world that the human soul survives physical death. She encourages people to connect with their guides and angels.

Christine has an extraordinary amount of experience to offer people who attend her lectures and private consultations. She also conducts workshops and seminars to pass on her knowledge to people who are seeking to make their own connection. Christine has thousands of followers in Canada as she has done years of free readings. She only started to charge for her services ten years ago. Upon request, Christine records the reading onto a CD for you to enjoy as you desire.

Many people want assurance that loved ones who have passed over are safe and in a good place. To gain advice from loved ones is a pure way to have a reading. Some people need to know whether there is life after their time on earth. Christine answers many of these questions.


Christine was born under the most intuitive sign of the zodiac: CANCER. The next signs, Pisces and Scorpio are also well known psychic signs. Born a Clairvoyant Medium, Christine needed some guidance to awaken her innate abilities. Like any real medium, the right people were sent to guide her through the process.

Ten years ago, Christine found out that her great aunts, on both sides of her family, were mediums. Being born with the connection, you may not be aware that you have a gift, as it is normal to you. Therefore, everyone needs some sort of help, no matter who they are. Christine was sent three mentors who expedited her spiritual awakening.


The first person to reach out to Christine, or recognize her abilities, was an old lady named Edith. She was a spiritualist from a church in Northampton, England who invited Christine to join a spiritual development group. Concurrently, Christine attended "THE ARTHUR FINDLEY COLLEGE."

The Arthur Findlay College offers spiritualist philosophy including healing/awareness, spiritual and psychic unfoldment and kindred discipline studies. Courses, lectures and demonstrations are offered weekly by leading mediums.

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