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35 Years Experience, Natural Born Empath, Teacher, TV Host, Key Note Speaker

When you come to me for a reading.

When I talk to my clients I always do an introduction, because I am recording the whole session I like to put the day and time and the first name of the person I am talking to.

To do a reading I want to know where I am getting my information? a deck of cards No they can't give the advice as to how to fix things in your life or give you advice as to why you keep repeating the same mistakes. I connect to the universal force your loved ones, even if you didn't like them its of no matter, when you pass to the other side of like you find, we are all brothers and sisters and all the emotional judgement and dislike goes away, and if the person who has passed over wasn't nice, I can say without doubt its a learning curve when they pass over.

To be clear when a person passes over they have to take responsibility for how they made people feel, no one gets away with anything,  Robin Williams made a movie called "Where dreams may go"  its a must to watch and very enlightening. 

So the first thing I do is to connect to the universe, I do so by different age levels, your grand parents , your parents, your level and the ones under you.  From the moment I start talking the reading becomes about you, this is not a visit I need to give you as much information as I can give you in the time I have with you.  

When I do a reading

 I do the talking first, I am the psychic, I am the one who has to show you I'm real, I should know what you want help with, so let me prove it to you.

I cover all aspects of your life, your directions, your worries, only after I have said my part do you ask questions, you will find I have covered your concerns and will have no questions..  



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