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How to be Psychic

Many Questions Ask WHAT SHOULD I DO BEFORE A READING? Not a thing just relax this is about helping you, but remember this is not the same as you see on TV, sit back and relax, you don't have to talk, if the reader is doing her job. They will do the job before knowing what is going on. DEFINITION OF A PSYCHIC Psychics need tools. These tools can include tarot cards, tea leaves, runes, crystals, palmistry and psychometry. All these things you don't need a gift to do. So ask how a person does the reading. WHAT IS Clairvoyant (Pictures in the front of the head) Clairaudient (words come at the back of your head no ears are used) Clairsentient (they feel inside the body Clairessense (many of us have had this one, smelling something that is not real.) WHAT IS A CHANNELER A channeler is a "medium." and a psychic but psychics are not mediums. MEDIUMS are born with a gift, they don't go looking to do this work - its a calling they have to take on. Channelers or Mediums are able to change their energy so that they are able to tap into different levels of energy. While channeling, NOT like depicted on TV, the channeler does not change their voice or appearance _that is rubbish. WHAT IF I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT A SUBJECT? As a psychic Medium Clairvoyant my goal is to give you the best guidance, so you can improve your life and be aware of coming changes, my job is to make your life better, my job is to be honest with you, what we think we need and what we really need are two different things. Don't have fear. AFTER A READING HOW SHOULD I FEEL Normally you would have a sense of relief, and lightness. WHAT DO PEOPLE HAVE READINGS FOR Your guides helpers and family want to see you happy so everything is covered, health, love, career, moving, its called your life. Not listed under different headlines, that is all about ego 649 OR LOTTERY NUMBERS Why would I share this information, if i got the numbers I'm keeping that to myself, hahah NO PSYCHIC CAN DO THAT, so do not be fooled by those who say they can. If they could, then they would be winning ALL the lotteries. HOW DO I FIND A PERSON WHO I CAN TRUST Educate yourself. A good way is to ask if they are willing to record the session for you and burn it to a CD, not a tape. If a psychic refuses to comply, I would contact another psychic. A good reader will explain then advice you to think it over.. A bad reader will get you hooked asap. Educate yourself. BOOKING A READING? When you call me and book my time you're booking your angels, your loved ones and your family, to come and advise. I give proof of who is around you, connecting to people that surround you who have passed over. If there is anything I have to tell you I will. ONLY after I finish the reading, you get to ask questions. Hw can I prove I am real if you tell me your life story.. CAN I BRING A FRIEND IN TO THE READING.? I will do a reading for spouses (a couple) or two family members looking for connection to someone who has passed over. IT'S A GIFT FROM GOD SO WHY CHARGE? Everyone has a gift of something, singers, actors, creative people. For twenty years while I was employed, I did free readings helping people any way I could. Only when I was laid off work did I start charging for my time. Every occupation is a gift from God. Lawyers' have a gift of speaking, Doctors the gift of healing, Artists also.We live in a material world we have to put a roof over our head, and get food. A monk in Tibet gets food from the people, That would not happen in our culture. REMEMBER DON'T PAY MORE THAN THE AGREED PRICE. Sort out payment before talking to anyone. Any psychic who starts talking about negative forces around you, or starts telling you that you have a curse on you, and starts asking for money to burn candles or money to get rid of curses or spells "RUN", they will bleed you dry putting the fear of God into you.. They control with fear. So watch out for this sort of fear mongering, Many people in desperate need of help have given over thousands of dollars selling furniture and borrowing thousands of dollars to give to these people, The pray on fear. . I know of one person in Calgary who lost 30 thousand dollars because this guy strung her along not giving a care to what it was doing to her. I know of people who were offered a ritual, but then it doesn't work and it doesn't work, and all the time making people pay for something they are not getting. Who knows what they are doing. "Oh I lit a candle for you.." so what, you can light your own, its all a scam. Run like hell as fast as you can. These people are thieves and don't care about your feelings. All they want is your money. Payment is always sorted out right at the beginning. They are good and bad in every field of work.. How do you find a good lawyer, or a good dentist? I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT MANY PEOPLE WILL ATTACK ME BECAUSE I HAVE GIVEN THIS INFORMATION TO YOU. PEOPLE WILL WRITE IM A FRAUD ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS WRITE UP. I TOOK 20 YEARS OF DELIBERATION BEFORE ACCEPTING THIS GIFT DUE TO THE ENORMOUS RESPONSIBLY I HAVE ONCE SOMEONE CALLS ME. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS FAR. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SEARCH.

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