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Psychic vs Medium

The Joy is I Have Both

What is a Psychic Medium?

Well, what is a medium? A Medium is like a Psychic "Specialist." They specialize in connecting to your departed loved ones. This is a special calling  a Psychic Medium enjoys and specializes in using these abilities to connect to your departed loved ones to gain information to pass to you the client in accessing information as to your joy in this life. Who do you want guidance from? cards, stones or a person who has passed over, its just not about connecting its about giving advice from the energy we all come from, the universal energy. You can be given advice about future, love health, your journey in this life. You can be given the answer to "why does this keep happening to me" A Medium is a Psychic but a Psychic is not a Medium.

A Psychic is a "generalist" they use tools such as Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Runes, Mediums who are Psychics can listen to messages from Divine Guidance about loved ones. They can also connect to the departed loved ones themselves. Psychic Mediums go more into the depth of what you need to do to put your life in order. Psychics who use tools can't do this. A psychic medium does not need any information she is connected she will guide you and know what is needed.

A Psychic Medium is a "specialist" that really hones the skill of talking to departed loved ones for giving you advice.  Psychic Medium talks to a diverse group of spirits including many departed loved ones. The Psychic Medium is connected to the spirit world and the universe a psychic does not have the ability  to do this.

If you are wanting to connect to a loved one you don't go to a person who uses as tool, you go to a person who does not need anything one who is connected.  If your in trouble and need advice what would you prefer a deck of cards or someone who is going to connect with your angels loved ones and the universe.  A medium is given the gift , using Tarot card is learned, using Palmistry is learned, using numerology is learned.  Being a Medium Clairvoyant Psychic is a gift.   A God given gift.

A very special moment.

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