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I see things I hear things I need help

I have many people telling  me they see things or feel and hear things "what do I do" they ask,  today I had a mother contact me about her daughter talking to spirit.. Wonderful now how can I help her I asked myself then, smack bang in my head my guides told me.  Some people have dreams, some hear things. I am just happy I have been shown it's time to start teaching again. Yeh..

I have been a teacher developing people for over 25 years.  I taught in groups  over a weekend in many cities, or we would sit in a circle every week at my home needing a commitment from you to be there at each session every week for 8 weeks . Understand we all develop at different stages I have been shown how I can carry on helping people develop without them leaving home and coming out in the bad weather and being able to connect with my help. I can name two people who are well known who came to me as a student, they will never admit it because then the clients they have would come to me.

 I was given the answer to reach out and still be able to develop you without dragging you out or feeling pressured in a group situation, teachers are using the internet all the time, distance teaching learning at your own pace its a very common situation.

So this is what I have been told from my guides

No age limits  , If you are under 18 I want one of your parents with you while I talk to you on the phone I will ask you what is happening to you "remember I know what to look for so if its all in your head I will know"    Now I will advice you guide you and tell you what to do and what not to do I am now your coach. I will record the session for you as a reminder and tool , I will give you one hour of my time ONE ON ONE development.   I am so excited to be able to offer this program.

I will be your coach.  Each time you  become comfortable with one level , then you set up another appointment time for another coaching session.  The cost is the same as a reading,  Remember this cd will only pertain to you so in booking me this is personal to you, the cd is not to be used or shown to other people as it will not work for them.  I request your trust in this because I know what harm can be done.

We all develop in a different way, I don't want you messing with anyone else, if you do try to teach with the cd I will stop the sessions.  This is a respect for each person out there needing help please do not interfere in this because you don't know enough to teach you don't know enough to make sure the person is on track.

If you would like to become Christine's Student. Please contact her.  This is so exciting to finally get back to teaching once again.

I look forward to helping you reach your potential and take away and fear you may have.  Please don't read any books I was told by my coach keep your mind clear because your only reading about other people's experience and you will expect to do the same thing.. REMEMBER WE ALL DEVELOPE DIFFERENTLY this must be accepted and respected..


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