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A close friend of mine had experienced a reading with Psychic medium Christine Hurley and had been really impressed. Apparently, within minutes of walking into the room for her reading, Christine had accurately ascertained that my friend’s father had died when she was around two years old. She then went on to tell my friend about the death of a baby in the family history that my friend did not know about. Christine told my friend to ask her mother about this for verification and gave very specific details surrounding this occurrence. My friend was absolutely floored to find out that the information Christine had given her regarding this had been completely accurate.

I contacted Psychic Medium Christine Hurley mere days after Murray’s death. I wanted to explore and share some of the communications I’d received and to ask Christine some questions regarding my own beliefs and experiences surrounding the whole issue of life after death.

Christine tuned into my brother instantly. She described his appearance to a ‘T.’ “He’s showing me his cute little cherry bottom,” she told me confidently in her British accent. I gasped and burst out laughing at this. There was no doubt about it. Murray had indeed considered his ‘bottom’ as one of his best features. When we’d been on the road together, travelling in our rock band, Murray had always worn his stage pants as skin tight as possible to show off his 'assets.' On many occasions I’d witnessed him as he readied himself for stage, taking one last look at his butt in the mirror of his hotel room, before he strutted off to face the myriad of ladies who awaited him down in the bar. Indeed, his backside was very firm, small and round, much like a ‘cherry’ and there was no doubt about the fact that Murray saw his ‘great’ rear end as one of his most defining features.

Christine went on to describe my brother’s character in great detail. It was uncanny how she made me feel as though she had him right there with her. She picked up on his wild sense of humor right away. It was absolutely clear to me that she was connecting to my brother’s energy. It was quite amusing to see that they were connecting through humor…indeed Murray and Christine the psychic herself seemed to be ‘hitting it off,’ famously.

She explained how Murray was enjoying limitless eating and was enjoying bountiful feast after bountiful feast in the realm he now resided in. She said he was conveying to her that he felt restricted concerning food, while alive and she asked me if this made sense. I explained to her that indeed it did as Murray had been an insulin dependent diabetic since he’d been in his early twenties and therefore had many restrictions on his diet. Although he often continued to eat fast food and drink beer, he had been surprisingly religious about avoiding sweets and limiting his portions. Many times at Christmas Dinners and such, he’d complained about having to limit himself to a small plate of food. “It just makes me feel like crap if I overeat,” he had told me many times.

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